Informed Decision Making with Masked PHI/PII

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MapMasq™ allows users to create locationally representative point files for analysis while preserving the anonymity of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). 

Using industry standard disclosure avoidance techniques MapMasq can assist in regulatory compliance (HIPAA) for sharing of data.  Contact us for a demo at  We promise to never share your contact information.  Privacy is what we do!

MapMasq's toolkit of geomasking options estimate the k-anonymity for each record in the selected database. By modifying coordinate locations, users can protect the exact geospatial location individuals when sharing data externally.

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MapMasq™ allows health professionals to balance the importance of analyzing data geospatially while protecting sensitive health information.

Dr. Estella Geraghty, Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director at Esri